YouTuber beats Rogue Legacy 2’s final boss without leveling

Rogue Legacy 2 has the player take on the role of a family that is duty-bound to help the Kingdom and get through The Golden Doors. As a Rogue-like, players will attempt to solve the dungeon’s puzzles multiple times. Each time the player levels up the castle for their next run, they advance a level. Now it appears that a YouTuber named Linty has beat Rogue Legacy 2‘s final boss Cain without leveling at all.

The Kingdom in Rogue Legacy is split up into sections guarded by eight different bosses that the player will fight. The last boss in Castle Hamson is named Cain, and he’s a level 125 enemy with a range of deadly attacks. Nevertheless, Linty was able to outlast the gigantic foe and defeated him before they invested any gold.

In the 20-minute video, Linty is playing as the base Warrior class with an electric AoE attack. The battle takes so long because the player character is only doing 7 – 10 damage per second. The health bar barely moves with each attack, but chunks start to disappear as time goes on. Linty is able to buy time by not taking damage and getting around most of Cain’s attacks.

It only takes about nine minutes for the hero to drag Cain down, and the battle finishes with threats from a defeated Cain.

It was always the developers’ intention for players to be able to finish the game without leveling or even on their first hero. In a recent interview with Try Hard Guides, the developer said, “We’re pretty adamant that every boss can be beaten without taking damage, and with the weakest possible character.” Cellar Door Games likely had people like Linty in mind when it created that freedom.

It seems like Cain is the penultimate boss in Rogue Legacy 2, using beefed-up versions of the powers used by the Estuaries before him. Players who’ve taken out every other enemy up to that point should have no issue destroying him, especially if they’ve leveled simultaneously. What’s genuinely impressive is Linty being able to take on the big boss without any buffs at all.

Also, during the interview, Cellar Door Games expressed that they would be interested in seeing what unique ways players could speedrun the game. Once they hear about Linty’s level one defeat of Cain, CDG will likely see that their dreams have been realized.