Spices From the West event guide in Genshin Impact

As part of Genshin Impact 2.6’s final phase, a new event, titled “Spices From the West,” will introduce fans to another cooking gameplay. The event will begin on May 14th, at 10:00 AM, and continue through June 7th, 3:59 AM. Since the release of the Genshin Impact version 2.7 has been delayed, events planned for the final phase of version 2.6 have had to be moved as well to keep players engaged, including the Spices From the West event. In any case, here’s a rundown of all there is to know about the upcoming Spices From the West event!

Spices From the West mini-game

To be eligible to take part in the Spices From the West event, you must be at least Adventure Rank 20 or above to create seasonings. Meanwhile, to be able to cook the corresponding dishes and invite characters to a taste test, you must be at least Adventure Rank 28 or above and have completed the “Idle Teapot Talk” quest.

During the Spices From the West event, you will help Nazafarin, a researcher from Sumeru, in her research in Liyue by preparing seasonings according to the recipes. A total of seven seasoning recipes will be available. On each of the first seven days of the event, a new seasoning recipe will become available to unlock.

Once you begin the event mini-game, the needle on the slider will move back and forth from edge to edge. Follow the instructions given on the recipe and press the button as the needle points to the corresponding ingredient to add them to the pot and create “Fragrant Seasonings.” There will be a limit to the number of mistakes you can make while creating a seasoning, as indicated by the spoon icon at the bottom right. You will succeed by adding the correct number of ingredients before you use up all of your attempts, otherwise, you will have to start over again. Upon completing a recipe, you will receive the rewards that go along with them. Furthermore, you may add Fragrant Seasonings to Delicious Dishes to create Fragrant Dishes.

Various rewards can be obtained throughout the event, including Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Weapon Ascension Materials, and Mora. Moreover, if the maintenance of the Serenitea Pot Placement Function has been completed throughout the duration of the event, players will be able to invite characters and companions staying in the Serenitea Pot to test out the Fragrant Dishes they have prepared. Each character will have their preferred dishes. Providing the appropriate dish to a character will considerably raise the Companionship Experience Points. However, you can only acquire Companionship EXP a limited number of times before exceeding the limit. Once the event has ended, the “Fragrant Seasoning” and “Fragrant Dishes” will be automatically removed from your inventory.

That’s all the details of the Spices From the West event in Genshin Impact. If you want to learn more about the game, check out the Genshin Impact section of our website!