New Dead Space Remake Developer Livestream announced

As fans continue to wait eagerly for new details regarding the upcoming remake of Dead Space, Motive Studio revealed today, through a new Tweet, that a new Developer Livestream, this time focused on the art of the upcoming remake will take place on May 12th. The stream is scheduled to begin at 10 AM Pacific Time / 1 PM Eastern Time.

The team behind the game also revealed that during the stream, the game’s Art Director Mike Yazijian and his team will reveal and talk about various aspects of the upcoming remake, such as but not limited to Lighting, Environments, Characters, and VFX. You can check out the Tweet in which Motive Studio announced the new Developer Livestream below, courtesy of Dead Space’s official Twitter profile:

You will be able to watch Dead Space’s ”Dead Space | Crafting the Tension | Art Developer Livestream” on either the game’s official Youtube Channel or through Motive Studio’s official Twitch profile.

In the Remake, just as in the original Dead Space, released in 2008, players will be taken to the year 2508, as they must take on the role of Isaac Clarke, a ship system specialist send to repair USG Ishimura, a massive deep-space mining ship who went dark after sending a distress signal. Upon arrival, Isaac will then be thrown into a nightmare, as he must fight for his survival after discovering that the ship had been infected and its crew decimated by an alien infection. The remake promises to feature even more explorable areas than the original.

Dead Space Remake was first announced on June 2021, during EA Play Live. You can check out the game’s official teaser trailer below, courtesy of Dead Space’s official Youtube channel:

The current-gen Dead Space Remake is set to be released in 2023, exclusively for current generation consoles and PCs. As you wait for the game’s release, you can currently play all titles part of the original Dead Space trilogy on PC via both Steam and Origin.