Mario Strikers: Battle League overview trailer shows off gameplay details

Recently, Nintendo released an official overview trailer of Mario Strikers: Battle League, discussing its features and gameplay.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is an upcoming 5v5 soccer-themed title initially announced during the recent 2022 Nintendo Direct. Mario Strikers: Battle Leagues is the third and latest entry in the Mario Strikers series in almost 15 years. It was developed by Next Level Games and Nintendo EPD and is set to arrive for a worldwide release on the Nintendo Switch on June 10, 2022. Here’s a look at Mario Strikers: Battle League Overview Trailer, courtesy of Nintendo’s official Youtube channel:

According to the most recent overview trailer, Mario Strikers: Battle League is a five-on-five soccer-based video game combined with intense and over-the-top gameplay. The game retains the basic notion of the soccer sport, in which players move around a field while passing and shooting a ball into a goal. However, the Mario Striker: Battle League will be a game of soccer in which there will be no fouls, and players will be able to tackle, thrash, and even use items to stop their opponents.

The strike is the latest sport taking over the Mushroom Kingdom. Each team in the Mario Strikers: Battle League may employ various strategies to achieve victory, including aggressive tackles and attacks. Players may perform a “Team Tackle” where one player pushes a teammate to cover the extra ground for defense or scoring. Furthermore, capturing a glowing strike orb that emerges on the field grants players the ability to conduct a “Hyper Strike” and score a 2-point goal if the move is charged while striking the ball to the goal uninterruptedly.

There will be a total of 10 characters to play on the field. Players may choose among major Mario franchise characters like Mario or Princess Peach. Each character will have their own signature Striker Style and will vary from one another in terms of their strength, speed, shooting, passing, and technique. Additionally, players may customize the equipment of the character to build and improve their stats.

Meanwhile, available items will function similarly to those in Mario Kart or Mario Tennis. For instance, banana peels can be placed on the field to cause characters to fall, and shells can be used to fire at enemies and temporarily knock them over. Instead of “out of bounds,” the field is surrounded by an electric fence that players may check and knock enemy figures into.

In same system matchups, up to eight players may participate, allowing for a four-on-four battle. Online multiplayer is also available, including a “Strikers’ Club Mode” where groups of up to 20 players can create their game season, with leaderboards tracking scores.