Jotun, Prey, Redout available free on Epic Games Store – Next game a mystery?

Epic Games is giving away three free games this week. Anybody with an Epic Games account has the chance to take advantage of this offer and add three new games to their library. These free games available to pick up are Jotunn: Valhalla Edition, Prey, Redout: Enhanced Edition. Next week’s game, however, is a mystery which usually means it’s something big!

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is an action-adventure video game developed by the Canadian studio Thunder Lotus Games. who are also behind the games Sundered and Spiritfarer. Originally going for $15, the game follows the story of Thora, a Viking who died an inglorious death, as she battles the titular Jotun to prove herself to the gods so she may enter Valhalla. The Valhalla edition of the game features Valhalla mode, which provides even harder versions of the game’s encounters to challenge you.

Prey is Arkane Studios and Bethesda’s famous first-person horror shooter. In Prey, players take control of Morgan Yu while exploring the space station Talos I. As the dangerous alien race known as Typhon escape their confinement, Morgan must use a variety of weapons and equipment to survive in the hostile space environment.

Redout: Enhanced Edition is an uncompromising, fast-paced beast of a racing game designed to pay homage to the arcade racing genre. It throws players into a devastatingly fast environment with only the goal to cross the finish line before anyone else. The enhanced edition offers a ton of updates and improvements to the game, including graphical and sound adjustments.

While Epic Games usually reveals what next week’s free game will be, it looks like they are keeping things hidden this time. This happens from time-to-time, and usually signifies the release of something big! If information leaks about what it will be, you will be able to find it in the news section of our website.