Fortnite’s next Resistance funding project is Shield Bubbles vs. Balloons

One of the staples of Fortnite is the level of interaction that players can have with the game. Players are constantly given opportunities to share their input and change the came for the better. Fortnite‘s current Resistance-themed season has asked players to choose between different funding options to bring certain weapons back to the game.

In past weeks players have chosen the Rift-to-Go, MK Seven Assault Rifle, among other funding battles. Players have had the option to let their voices be heard and have seen a handful of weapons be added and vaulted thanks to their choices. Now Epic Games is asking fans to choose again, this time between the Shield Bubble and Balloons.

For a trial period this weekend, players will have access to both tools to use in the game. As with previous funding projects, players will need to collect gold bars in Fortnite by searching locations and getting eliminations. Once you have at least 50 gold bars, you’ll want to go to the nearest funding station and deposit the gold bars for whichever tool you want back in the game.

For players who don’t remember, the Shield Bubble throws out a dome shield that players can hide in while they heal or use other items. This tool will be a great addition for players in the Zero Build mode who might find themselves without cover during a battle. The balloons lift the player, making them resistant to gravity for a while. Both items feature a new grey camo look to fit this war season.

The items will be available until Monday, when players can vote on which one they’d like to return. Both items can help the player considerably, so it will be interesting to see what the players choose. The voting will go until one of the items is fully funded, with the other going back into the vault.