Fortnite Chica Icon Skin likely to be revealed tomorrow

Chica, a gaming content creator who is known for her Fortnite streams, appears to be receiving their very own Icon Series cosmetics set in the near future. While it hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, it appears to be very likely based on the reveal message and information coming out

Chica will join the likes of Chloe Kim, Naomi Osaka, Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Bugha, Lachlan, Ninja, and more who have been given their very own personalized outfit. The items will likely not only be an outfit, but will probably feature a themed pickaxe and glider.

The announcement will officially be made on May 4th, 2022 according to Chica’s Twitter page:

The skin has been reportedly leaked, but many are not sharing it around due to wanting Chica to get a chance to reveal it on her own. You won’t have much longer to wait, as you will get to see it in action at 9am ET on May 4th, 2022!